Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Is it easier to teach in some clusters versus others?

At the moment, we are traveling the Midwest visiting family over the winter break. The "It's Winter" theory (in my Florida mind) has been proven true as it was something like minus eleven degrees when we arrived yesterday despite the fact that it was almost eighty degrees when we left home the day before.

The benefit of this too-cold-to-go-outside weather has been that we are spending hours in front of the fire with family discussing the post-conference state of our respective clusters. It is a blessing that my husband and I are both 2nd generation Baha'is and that the house is thus also full of young 3rd generation Baha'is.

In our consultations, it is apparent that no matter where Baha'is reside, the questions and issues are the same despite some regional differences. One question, in particular, gave me pause and seemed most appropriate for this blog...

"Is it easier to teach in your cluster?"

I wanted to leap up like one of those over-zealous know-it-all students, my hand waving in the air... "I know! I know!"

Well, truth is, I don't "know" but an idea popped into my head only because my blog happens to be called The Dual Challenge. It just so happens that part one of the dual challenge referred to by the Universal House of Justice is "...learning to identify receptive segments of society and share with responsive souls the message of the Faith..."

In addition, in the Ridvan 2008 message, the Universal House of Justice states that there is a "...relationship between the rise in receptivity to the Faith in all parts of the globe and the failings of the world's systems. That such receptivity will increase as the agonies of humanity deeping is certain."

Putting these pieces together, we come to realize two things:
  1. The supreme administrative body of the Faith is telling us that there is a rise in receptivity to the Faith in all parts of the globe; and 
  2. We only need to learn to identify these receptive segments. 
So, the answer to the question, "Is it easier to teach in your cluster?" is "No." 

Indeed, at this point in history, it is easier to teach in every cluster and receptivity is on the rise. The challenge is that, no matter in which cluster we reside, we need to learn to identify the people ready to hear.

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  1. So true of this particular time as attested by the Universal House of Justice.The particular idea that popped up of having everyone in our community praying for our small endeavor in children's class and study circle is great.We'll give it a try.I guess for me at least, the idea that one has to give whatever they are needed to do a try is of the essence.One never knows unless they try...even with trepidation.Thanks for this blog Omalley!!:)