Thursday, December 11, 2008

First Steps

There is so much that could be discussed and deliberated when it comes to the Dual Challenge not the least of which is what the phrase even means. However, as time is pressing and a theoretical discussion is not the aim of this blog, I thought I would start by considering some very basic, immediate actions that would be an excellent start to meeting this challenge.

As a matter of fact, I am going to issue a weekly personal challenge to everyone as a way of formulating plans that can assist in achieving the aims of the current Five Year Plan.

  1. MEMORIZE THE FIRST TWO LINES OF ANNA'S PRESENTATION. This is an excellent way to have a quick answer handy when someone asks, "What is the Baha'i Faith?" Think about it as a way to make yourself more comfortable in bringing up the Faith while standing in line at the grocery store or telling the school secretary why your kids are absent because of a Holy Day... The Baha'i Faith is a world religion whose purpose is to unite all the races and peoples in one universal Cause and one common Faith. Baha'is are the followers of Baha'u'llah, Who they believe is the Promised One of all Ages. 
  2. PRAY EVERY DAY TO BE LED TO RECEPTIVE SOULS. Pick one prayer and one time of day to say that prayer. Ask Baha'u'llah to open the doors and then have the courage to open your mouth. Remember this quote by Shoghi Effendi... "The Baha'i teacher must be all confidence. Therein lies his strength and the secret of his success. Though single-handed, and no matter how great hte apathy of the people around you may be, you should have faith that the hosts of the Kingdom are on your side..."
These are two easy challenges for Week 1. Remember, you are building a personal plan of action. Want more to do? Get on it... But, if you are having trouble focusing on a few potent actions, start here. Learn these lines from Anna's Presentation and then boldly use them. 

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