Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Importance of Flexibility

After the Atlanta conference, we returned home with a list of volunteers ready to come to our cluster and help us with the teaching work. Then we, as were so many others, were tasked with immediately making plans and setting in motion actions that would take advantage of the enthusiasm generated by the series of 41 conferences.

Here’s where flexibility becomes vitally important. For our cluster, we had our Reflection Meeting scheduled for the end of January and our third practice IPG would be starting in February. Not wanting to lose our momentum, we decided to move the Reflection Meeting up to Friday, January 9 and start the expansion phase the next day.

Whoa!! Did we change our systematic plan?... No.
That’s the beauty of the Plan. It is possible to remain systematic while at the same time tailoring to the needs of our particular cluster.

Our cluster needs to generate excitement about collective endeavor and capitalize on the offers of service from the Baha’is willing to travel this way. Thus, the Reflection Meeting is a way to not only fold individuals into the activities of the Plan but also it is a way to generate enthusiasm.

Now my attention has been directed at trying to help generate enthusiasm for attending the reflection meeting as well as participating in the Plan, no matter how small the service!

By the way… Have you gotten the first two lines of Anna’s Presentation memorized and are you praying daily for teaching? The Week 2 challenge will be here very soon!

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