Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What happened to the weekly challenge?

I thought about calling this post The-Weekly-Challenge-That's-Not-Exactly-Happening but I thought that would give the wrong impression. The reason I haven't posted more weekly challenges is that I'm a little full with all my present challenges. Once I decided to fit the first couple in my life more forthrightly, I realized how many other things I am also challenged to follow through on.

Now that Fast is here, I am challenged to revisit my personal plan and redouble my effort to meet the goals I outlined for myself. Ridvan 2009 is fast approaching!

As the advent of Ridvan 2009 brings on our new cluster status as A-stage, I am faced with many more to-do's than even my personal plan presents. Our newly-formed ATC now needs to meet soon and start the business of planning a reflection meeting and expansion phase. If anyone has any suggestions for creating enthusiasm for a reflection meeting, please let me know!

In looking at my personal plan, there is so much I did not accomplish. At the same time, there are areas where I made definite improvements. Certainly, my next plan will incorporate many of the same elements. When it comes time to rework my plan for the new Baha'i year, I will post. Maybe it will help you make your plan.

Enjoy Fast. For me, it is never without its ups and downs but I am amazed each new year as I get a little better and a little more determined to grow spiritually. Hopefully, we all do!

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