Sunday, March 29, 2009

Reclaiming our Enthusiasm

Our cluster had an incredible practice IPG run from January 9 - January 24 with high expectations and the knowledge that we would be an A-stage cluster by Ridvan 2009. We had four declarations and even opened a new neighborhood. As CDF, I felt like a part of something that was moving and pulling me right along with it. The difficulty came in maintaining our momentum, enthusiasm and even our ability to keep our new declarants involved.

That said, a core groups of local believers was instrumental in keeping going home visits, children's classes and jr youth activities. To them, I and the entire community owes a debt of gratitude.

Now that we have re-formed an ATC, we are challenged to gather up our resources and charge forward. Our Reflection Meeting has been set for April 25 with expansion activities to follow. This will be our first 'official' IPG effort.

In order to make the effort successful, the breadth and scope of our activities must meet the challenges inherent in a semi-transient community such as ours. I know we can do it!

We have decided to move forward with several key activities which do not vary from our past activities. It seemed that if we were still challenged to accomplish what we have been working on for the better part of a year, there is no reason to change course midstream; especially given that each practice cycle, we have made significant gains and improvements. I am very excited to be able to apply what we have learned up to this point to make everything successful.

Despite our back and forth momentum, the Universal House of Justice offers us an unequivocal reason for keeping the course without hesitation... There can be no doubt that the stage is set for a marked advance in the process of entry by troops thoughout the country.

There can be NO DOUBT...

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  1. Well, in this little spot on the planet - Kansas City, KS, there are close to - if not already - 40 lovely souls who have embraced the prepared!

    I love this quote, "The more important consequences of your activities are the spirit that is diffused into the life of the community, and the extent to which the teachings we proclaim become part of the consciousness and belief of the people that hear them...At the beginning of the spring only the few, exceptionally favoured seeds will sprout, but when the season gets in its full sway, and the atmosphere gets permeated with the warmth of true springtime, then masses of flowers will begin to appear, and a whole hillside suddenly blooms. We are still in the state when only isolated souls are awakened, but soon we shall have the full swing of the season and the quickening of whole groups and nations into the spiritual life breathed by Bahá'u'lláh."
    (Letter 18 February 1932, on behalf of Shoghi Effendi)